After months of planning the day finally arrived of our jam at frontside gardens London. I flew home from Xgames in Austin on friday and Saturday morning Oli and I packed the car with prizes and our new 'tall order" banners and headed for London.

The weather forecast said it would rain at 2pm but we hoped for the best. A big turnout of the U.K bmx scene arrived and we were on for an amazing day until suddenly torrential rain poured down on us! The huge black cloud above us was pouring rain onto the skatepark and it seemed like we were the only place in London getting rain. 

A couple of hours later it stopped and everyone got to work on drying the park. After a lot of pushing water around with squeegee's half of the park was dry and so the cash for tricks jam started. Everybody killed it and had fun and things got loose including Oli! Kieran Reilly who had driven down the night before with his dad and slept in the car killed the cash for tricks jam and i later heard he gave some of his winnings to 7 year old Kerr (featured at the end of the video).

This was our first attempt at holding a jam and we were unlucky with the weather but we'll definitely be holding more jams in the future..
Thanks for watching!
"해야 할 일을 먼저 하면 원하는 일을 할 수 있는 날이 온다"
- 존 맥스웰, 짐 도넌의《영향력》 중에서 -