Australian United team rider Jack Birtles has a classic OG BMX outlook: free thinking, free spirited and free from bullshit. In this edit you'll learn a little more about Jack his home country, how he sees riding from both sides of the lens... and hopefully it'll also serve to remind us all to have a little more fun out there.

FIlmed & Edited by Kyle Jacobson
Aditional filming : Myles Belsham, Nathan Seely, Lucas Comino & Anton Ayres

1. "Raincloud II by Rat Columns"
2. "City Nights by TV Colours"
3. "Milk & Melatonin by Technicolor Teeth"

"해야 할 일을 먼저 하면 원하는 일을 할 수 있는 날이 온다"
- 존 맥스웰, 짐 도넌의《영향력》 중에서 -