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2018.06.22 11:21:07 (*.232.129.226)
선선한 어느 가을 우연히...

설렘이 찾아온 그런 날이 있었습니다.

2016년 10월 12일

나이 39 에  그렇게 BMX는 저에게 걸어 들어왔습니다...

Let's get it !!!
IMG_0326 (3).jpg
2018.06.22 11:35:28 (*.243.200.15)

2016.12.30 23:19:20 (*.47.153.86)


포스팅은 뒷전 

온라인보다 오프라인 

2017년도 화이팅 ㅎㅎㅎ 

17년도엔 꼭 개편해야징~ ㅎㅎ 
"해야 할 일을 먼저 하면 원하는 일을 할 수 있는 날이 온다"
- 존 맥스웰, 짐 도넌의《영향력》 중에서 -
2017.01.12 11:41:26 (*.238.96.220)
언제나 어른~ㅋㅋ새해 복 많이들 받으세요
2015.05.03 10:07:50 (*.243.200.61)

- Coastin Ramp - 

 How to Flybikes has always seen things a little differently, taken its own approach and thought outside the box, not only with the team they’ve built or product they produce, but also the content they’ve put out. One such piece of content was a video where the focus was of a team that that saw the simplicity in riding, hanging out together by finding an every day object to ride, in this instance a “pallet” and dragged it around the city to make “almost spots” into completely fun rideable spots. Ultimately, ending a day of amazing riding using the pallet itself as firewood to keep warm and cook food over. Those were fun times and amazing memories for the team... 

Now, fast forward a few years to our “Coastin” trip of Northern Spain, and with the memories of those great times of the “pallet” video stamped firmly in everyone mind, Sergio and Ruben were inspired to create a similar theme, so these “pallet-style” transitions were created. A little sketchy like a pallet, still a bit unstable, heavy, very loosely built and needed numerous repairs. They were not fun to transport, but regardless this it brought the team closer as a crew, everyone worked together to move the ramps, to create spots, much like the original pallet itself, and everyone definitely fed of each other and saw spots very differently when it came to riding them. Good riding spots basically became amazing skatepark set-ups and a lot of crazy stuff went down, on many occasions we could have spent all day at one spot, but with so much ground to cover we moved on, and on, and on.

 There are no rules, no one to tell you what feels good on your bike, what to ride and we hope this site and what we did inspires you to get out there and create your own spots and have a fun on your bike no matter what that fun may be …. Good times!!! 
 For build your own ramp don't forget to visit the Coastin Ramp How-To microsite

오랜만에 플라이 홈페이 방문 
"해야 할 일을 먼저 하면 원하는 일을 할 수 있는 날이 온다"
- 존 맥스웰, 짐 도넌의《영향력》 중에서 -
2014.05.25 23:11:48 (*.47.153.178)
어디서 봤지? ㅎ 
2014.06.06 10:51:57 (*.12.22.155)
옛날에 합성이라고 결론 지은 사진이었어요

결론은 졸라 연습하라는거...   유부에겐 그림에 떡인 스킬.. 결혼전에 겁나 타 둘껄.... ㅠㅠ 

"해야 할 일을 먼저 하면 원하는 일을 할 수 있는 날이 온다"
- 존 맥스웰, 짐 도넌의《영향력》 중에서 -
2014.04.14 23:37:33 (*.98.11.212)
ㅎ 쩌네여
2014.04.18 19:46:34 (*.11.238.95)
2014.05.31 13:01:06 (*.229.52.245)
현태지오 프로필 사진 오랫만에 보네요.
2014.03.25 09:20:52 (*.91.140.194)


new-united-product-spring-2014-all-1As well as the 2014 completes we received the other day, we have a boat load of new parts arriving on Monday from United. Those of you tuned into our Instagram would have already seen a peek at these, here is all the info, click through for more.

nash-cranks-chromeNEW United Nathan Williams Nash Cranks Chrome  SRP: £139.99

united-valentino-topload-rasta-gbNEW United Valentino Top Load Stem Rasta & Oil Slick  SRP: £69.99

united-metro-frontload-rasta-gbNEW United Metro Front Load Stem Rasta & Oil Slick  SRP: £69.99

martinez_pivotalseats_brown_red1NEW United Martinez Fat Pivotal Seat Brown & Burgundy  SRP: £26.99

super-8-oil-slick-sprocketNEW United Super 8 Sprocket Oil Slick  SRP: £59.99

united_stay_strong_seat_v3-2NEW United x Stay Strong v3 Fat Pivotal Seat  SRP: £26.99

united-x-cinema-seat-gb2NEW United x Cinema Mid Pivotal Seat  SRP: £26.99

supreme-pro-wheelsNEW United Supreme Pro Front Wheel  SRP: £99.99
NEW United Supreme Pro Rear Wheel  SRP: £149.99

united-supreme-hubs-allNEW United Supreme Female Front Hub  SRP: £39.99
NEW United Supreme Male Rear Hub  SRP: £79.99
NEW United Supreme Male Rear Hub  SRP: £89.99

supreme_fat_pivotal_seat_blackred_rear2NEW United Supreme Fat Pivotal Seat  SRP: £24.99

supreme-9-bars-chromeNEW United Supreme 9″ Rise Bars Chrome  SRP: £39.99

supreme-cranks-chromeNEW United Supreme Cranks Chrome  SRP: £109.99

United and Cinema have gotten together to offer this dope red-to-black fade complete bike that is fully stocked with Cinema parts. Cinema got the drop on the specs, so read below and click the photo of the pretty machine below to see more of ‘em. Oh, and somewhat related, check the video from the Cinema/Etnies collab featuring Corey Martinez and Nathan Williams.

“We’ve joined forces with United Bike Co. to bring you a limited edition collab complete bike. This complete bike features an aggressive street specific geometry with a 75.5° head tube angle and a 20.65″ top tube length paired with a high rise top load stem and 8.75″ rise bars. The parts package on this complete is hard to beat: Cinema ZX front and rear hubs, Cinema 333 double wall rims, Cinema P3 pegs (four of them), a United x Cinema Pivotal seat, and Cinema alloy valve caps, not to mention plenty of other brand name parts from United.

Bike shops in the USA looking to stock one of these limited edition completes should contact Brian atGreenhouse BMX to pre-book ASAP. They’re strictly available on a first come, first serve basis and bound to sell fast…”

얘보니 옛날 WTP에 엔디버 생각나네 ㅎ

"해야 할 일을 먼저 하면 원하는 일을 할 수 있는 날이 온다"
- 존 맥스웰, 짐 도넌의《영향력》 중에서 -
2014.03.28 22:34:23 (*.117.51.38)

In both the USA & Australia as of this week, you will see another batch of our ever popular Rainbow colour way CC Sprockets,Squareback Stems, Official Stems & our ever popular Wasp Hubs arrive. Act fast though, as these sold out in less than 24 hours last time.

Our Free Coaster Hubs will land in April worldwide as well as our very limited edition Contour Rims, which will only land in the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK, Germany & China. So jump on these early if you want some of them.

The Rainbow colour way will extend to a few more products come May, with Pivotal Seat Posts & our Gyro Plates being added to the mix.






크롬이랑 잘 어울리는 조합이다~ 

"해야 할 일을 먼저 하면 원하는 일을 할 수 있는 날이 온다"
- 존 맥스웰, 짐 도넌의《영향력》 중에서 -